Harvest Health & Recreation Inc.

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November 15 2018

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Steve White, CEO. Steve co-founded Harvest in 2011. He quickly learned that he had the ability to help shape a company that gave people control over an aspect of their life where they previously had very little – their health and wellness. This led Steve to instill a culture of education and empowerment at Harvest to provide patients much needed products, resources, and support. As Harvest’s CEO, Steve is responsible for license acquisition, start-up, operations, and organizational direction and strategy. 480-494-2261 or investors@harvestinc.com

Nature Of The business

Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. currently holds medical cannabis licenses in eleven states and participates in a variety of ways for each facility, from full ownership and operation to design-build expertise and operational consultation. Our aggressive expansion efforts include seeking licenses in other states and exploring opportunities abroad.