ICEsoft Technologies Canada Corp. (ISFT / CSE)

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June 5 2019

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Investor Information

 Brian McKinney, President & CEO of ICEsoft Technologies Canada Corp., founded the Company in December 2001. He is a leading entrepreneur and executive whose focus is on the development of enterprise level software. Prior to ICEsoft Brian was led and co-founded AudeSi Technologies Inc.  which developed Java-based management solutions for embedded devices.  Prior to AudeSi, Brian was responsible for Nortel Networks Consumer Product development initiatives. During his time at Nortel Mr. McKinney oversaw the development and commercialization of over 60 consumer products. Mr. McKinney holds a BSc. in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Victoria and an M.ASc, in Engineering from the same institution. 403-663-3322


Nature Of The business

ICEsoft Technologies Canada Corp. is a software company, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  ICEsoft licenses application development tools and Software-as-a-Service solutions to enterprise, local / regional governments and institutions.  ICEsoft’s multi-purpose notification service, Voyent Alert! enables its clients to deliver enriched and personalized communications to employees and community members during times of crisis or as part of day-to-day community outreach.